Claudia Caro Valadez

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

About me

I have 4+ years of work experience in Graphic Design. I also have professional experience in Motion Graphics, Web Development, Video Editing, illustration and 3D graphics. I am mostly focused on graphics and creative visual solutions. As a professional I am versatile and I am a fast learner and always open to new ideas. If I do not know the answer to something, I will look for it.

I have lived in Mexico, Finland and currently in the Czech Republic. I am currently looking to work on challenging creative projects.

If you are looking for illustrations; 2D animations; to create or improve your website in a responsive way with good UX; or you need a creative hand to help you enhance your business, just send me a message and let me help you.

You can also download my portfolio and my Curriculum Vitae.