One of the largest and most complex projects has been to develop from begining until print-ready product a series of catalogues in Finnish and Swedish. I was asked to come up with a design for the whole catalogue and to manage the content as well.

I usually design a series of covers so the client can choose which one to develop further. Each catalogue features a different front cover, and sometimes also a different back cover.

I also designed a series of templates to showcase the different groups of products, ranging from a single feature product, to products with many accessories or variants. Sometimes a specific group of products requires a tailor made template or adjustments, but that is very rare. The catalogue is processed by a script that generates the different pages according to the content that is provided through a database.

The catalogues also try to promote certain brands a bit more, so a series of ad-like pages are included in some cases. As the catalogues are meant to be also distributed digitally, I had to make sure that most of the text can be searched through and has a sharp edge for easier reading. Sometimes a tradeoff between clarity and design has to be made due to the client requirements.

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