Near Real

Web, Front-End

Near Real is a Finnish videoconference start-up that uses webRTC. I implemented their brochure website based on a design and co-designed the mobile version. I also implemented the main part of its web application front-end and designed some pages.

website preview on mobile

Near Real's brochure website was aimed at investors, and it was presented on several events, such as Upgraded Life Festival, Nordic Health Investment Day, Arctic15 and Startup Village. The company received encouraging reviews and was selected to participate in IBM's Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups. Te company's website can be found at

The company decided to focus on the healthcare sector and I implemented a second brochure website. The site can be seen at

Furthermore, the proof of concept was developed as a web application for which I implemented most of the front end, and designed some pages, such as the landing page for customers.

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